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This Message means so much to me

This Message means so much to me. I loved the reply it got. Nothing wrong with having a living wage to be able afford the things you need.

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Possibly the best response ever.

Edit: After reading some of the comments on other threads that have come from this one I have the following thoughts.

1) I’m not a liberal because I feel humans, all humans should be allowed to trade their time and skills (whatever they may be) for the ability to survive, i.e., buy decent food, healthcare and have decent shelter. It’s called being a human being. We are supposedly better than the other animals because we can think, empathize/sympathize, and communicate. If we don’t use those skills to better ourselves, our collective selves, then imho, there is no point in any civilization and we might as well go back to living in caves with no governments or systems of any sort.

2) Advocating for a fair living wage, no matter what that number is, does not mean I’m ok with an “entitlement attitude.” However, in America we have this little scrape of paper we hold dear and call on when we think something needs fixing in some way and it says everyone has the right “to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. ” It is hard to stay alive when you can’t buy groceries, see a doctor or have adequate shelter. It is hard to be free when, despite freely trading your time for the money you need to get those things, you still can’t afford them and must become enslaved to either debt or the government via welfare. It is hard to pursue happiness when you have to work 50+ hours a week, leaving little to no time for family and other interest. Wanting these things is not entitlement. It is what our country is founded on. Entitlement would be thinking you have to have that new iCrap phone coming out.

3) While I like socialism the more I learn about it, I don’t think capitalism and democracy on their own are bad. However, our system has gone completely bonkers. Everyone can agree to that, even if we think different things are to blame.

I could go on, but I’m sure most folks stopped reading 40 lines back. ;) Congrats if you made it this far.

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DO love the video

DO love the video.Only is the game good or not. For me I am getting a little tired of the first person shooters.  I feel I need some thing new and more out of a game. I still like to fight in game.  I am not sure really what i am looking for really. The game is great I am sure. Only for me most if not all of the games are about the same in a way I guess.  They just change out the look. I do love and enjoy GW2 a lot mostly they keep new thing coming at you in game so it not as boring I guess. I might feel same wayabout it too after a while just not yet. 

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All these new smartphones and wearables…. but this is what I’m excited about ^__^

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Well I got her done only not sure if I am the best a playing her is all

Well I got her done only not sure if I am the best a playing her is all. Anyway. The funny thing is when I uploaded my photos it ask who it was. I started to type in +Scarlet Briar and a Google plus profile was showing up. Not sure why that is and who has it. Does Google just set that up or as someone else done it.It has no photos or or posts so little odd is all.

2014-09-05 (8 шт.)

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All I can say is wow this is so cool

All I can say is wow this is so cool. Plus she does look very nice for a Robot. I loved the eyes at one point of it. I made me laugh watch them moving from side to side really fast.
A very Great Invention Of our Science And Technology A women Robot that Works And Understands Most Of the HUman Feelings…

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