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I hate to say it to +

I hate to say it to +LG USA Mobile  and +Motorola Mobility  this watch look even better then what they are coming up with. Only thing is for now it is a drawing. So a little hard to tell. I know that +ASUS  make some really good stuff. Just have to wait and see who really has one of the best out.

Сообщение из ленты +ASUS:
Here is a glimpse of #ASUSwearable, which will be one of the highlights at #IFA2014 in Berlin.

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The new Slipknot album will be out on October 21st from the sounds of it

The new Slipknot album will be out on October 21st from the sounds of it.

Сообщение из ленты +98 KUPD:
Slipknot Post Release Date For New Album And Tour

+Slipknot  have finally set a release date of October 21st for their new album and announced a tour.

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The to say it

The to say it. This looks better then the moto 360

Сообщение из ленты +Ray Wells:
As some have probably seen me rant about it in the past (as have many others), I hated that black gap at the bottom of the Moto 360 - huge put off. Really poor design IMO. A fantastic looking watch destroyed by a stupid looking black cutout. 

I don’t really care why Moto did it - it’s shit. 

I’m hoping LG comes through with the goods and give us the full 360 display.
LG Will Unveil a Round Smartwatch at IFA, Takes Dig at Moto 360 in Teaser | Droid Life
Rumors of a new LG smartwatch making its debut at IFA in Berlin over the first week of September popped up a week ago. Those are no longer rumors, as LG unveiled an official teaser this morning for its latest smartwatch that will indeed be shown off at IFA. And guess what?

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