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Loved this see if you can guess who they are.

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Our community is talented and creative–and that breaks out both in game and out. That includes a lot of strangely familiar faces wandering the land of Tyria. Do you know of one we should add? Let us know! (We’d love to credit the creator if at all possible) #GW2   #GuildWars2  ~SL

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Guild Wars 2 My Incinerator. I have got what I have been working on and off for the past 2 years for. It takes a lot of items to get to make it is, why it took so long. It was well worth the time put in and love it.


I am Oh so near it now

I am Oh so near it now. I think when I get home tonight after the things I have to do I going to make. Finally after almost 2 year I will have my Legendary weapon. I am hoping you can all join me. Plus I would like to record it. Only I have had issues with doing that before. So if anyone has some ideas on that would help me out. I want to save that that moment. Only I also need to figure out what I have to put together for the last gift I need. Let me know what is a good time for you guys to join if you can. I know Amy works late most nights. So it might have to be late. I am thinking for buys the gold I need to just get it done. I just bought the ecos I needed. I was just so tired of waiting to get them. I just want to get it and enjoy it. Just like someone else I know. Only thing is now I guess I will be playing my neco and thief more then I have in the past. I feel sorry for my poor Christina :)

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I want to be sure to share this with everyone I know

I want to be sure to share this with everyone I know. Please watch this video and help up make a change for the better. We do not want this type of net.

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How the End of Net Neutrality Will Affect You:

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